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Description of Handyman WordPress Theme

The homepage layout of this Interior Design WordPress theme consists mainly of images enhanced by various visual effects such as parallax scrolling. The ‘Welcome’ section was made completely white to stand out and draw more attention. The gallery is displayed on the homepage too image previews are arranged as tiles of the Instagram-like grid . The menu bar is transparent and very minimalist it consists only of a logo and the menu itself. The theme’s emphasis on images makes it suitable for a website of any topic just replace the imagery with your own – and you will get a completely new style.

Which is the price of Handyman WordPress Theme – Best WordPress Themes

$75 is the price for Handyman WordPress Theme

Download Handyman WordPress Theme. How many sales does Handyman WordPress Theme?

It has 230 sales yet! 😀 Do you think its a lot? Comment your thoughts on the commment section!

Screenshots and images of Handyman WordPress Theme in action (Download Free Demo)

Handyman WordPress Theme
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Short description of Handyman WordPress Theme

Download Handyman WordPress Theme free. Buy best Handyman WordPress Theme at the best price now. Download and compare top wp themes and plugins..

Opinions and reviews of Handyman WordPress Theme

The theme has been bought by people in Benin, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Syria. The top country by sales is Benin.

  • The score according to users is 79, and 71 according to our reviewers (out of 100).
  • Handyman WordPress Theme has reached the number of 99 votes, and 96 were positive.
  • The average rating is 7 for all the votes recorded.
  • The trends showcase that this year there will be between 28 and 38 sales.
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